Site Selection & Land Building.

We know that determining and negotiating for your correct location is one of the most important factors to begin operations. Therefore, as you know and have already experienced, one of our main services is to identify different possibilities for your company that will meet your specifications and requirements today, and enable you to plan for the future.

- Conduct negotiations with Industrial Parks/Developers
-Advise the Company about pros and cons of each proposed location
-Advise in the negotiations process to confirm the specs for a lease or construction, land extension, infrastructure, design, and engineering.

We obtain the most convenient lease for manufacturing process; the most convenient prices for future expansions; preparation of necessary contracts and agreements; we coordinate legal and operation documentation

Government Permissions.

We ensure that your company will comply with all the necessary commercial regulations required by the Mexican government to enable you to manufacture your product in accordance with your objectives.

- Prepare the necessary legal documents required for closing such option, including performance of a due diligence process, in order to confirm compliance with all legal requirements.
- Conduct negotiations with specific City Governments dependencies for obtaining operations licenses and permits for industrial purposes of your investment.

Legal Frame.

We provide to your company security in the statutes, regulations and policies of all Government departments. Regarding to this, we source you an appropriate legal consul capable to work with us and will provide you not only with a reasonable cost for their services, but competence and experience in Mexican statues and regulations.

Safety, Health and Environment.

Mexican law demand that any company operating in Mexico must have appropriate safety standards. We will coordinate and source an external company which is able to provide a special program for your company.

Accounting and Tax Area.

We will provide to you financial specialists, they will take care of your company expenses, receipts, payroll and all other financial transactions that your company requires. This financial services firm will work with your headquarters to insure a complete transparency in accordance with the Mexican accounting laws and regulations.

Customs and Logistics.

We will provide to you the best customs and logistic company to ensure all your requirements are going to be analyzed for the most effective and efficient operation.

Human Resources & Recruiting.

Our Human Resources team have considerable experience and knowledge necessary to assist in managing a successful operation in Mexico. We will work on the selection of appropriate local staff who are committed to your business, from the beginning of your operation.

People are one of the most important consideration of any organization, and the proper selection from the onset is absolutely critical for success.
Our vision is to be an organization of excellence that provides services management and cost analysis to the Industry. This will enable you to focus and concentrate on the manufacturing aspects of your products, while our highly qualified staff will work in give you a well-established Mexican entity in short time.

Sales and Marketing.

Our Sales and Marketing department will help you to find customers and find stategies to increase your sales in Mexico, USA and Latin America.

We can also do Market Researchs for your COmapny in order to find the target market wanted.
Our objective is to make everything easier for you not only by helping you to manufacture your products in Mexico but also selling them and make your company grow.