Gateway to world´s most important market
Free Trade agreements with 45 countries
Latin America's high-tech advanced manufacturing leading exporter

Mexico's industry in numbers


million vehicles

8th place Mexico's global ranking as vehicle manufacture


4th place Exporter of heavy vehicles

million vehicles

8th place Global producer of light vehicles

million vehicles

4th place Exporter of light vehicles


7th place Mexico's global ranking as heavy vehicle producer


World's 4th exporter of new light vehicles
World's 8th producer of light vehicles
89 of the top 100 auto parts companies in the world operate in Mexico
World’s 5th largest auto parts supplier and 1st in Latin America
World´s 6th aerospace manufacturing hub of Latin America
Aerospace industry has grown 19% annually since 2004
Leading producer for electric industry in Latin America
World´s 3rd IT services after India and Philippines
Most competitive operational costs in terms of digital entertainment and software design in the Americas
Leading exporter of OEM appliances in Latin America, 6th worldwide
World's 1st exporter of refrigerator with freezers
2nd exporter of washing machines with 10kg capacity
3rd exporter of air conditioning equipment
Latin America´s leading exporter of the electronic industry
World´s 1st exporter of flat screen TV in the world
5th computers exporter
10th mobile phone exporter
Currently, 42 automobile manufacturers are present in Mexico assembling approximately 400 different models.
During the following 3 years Mexico will manufacture around 3.6 million vehicles yearly, 10 thousand units per day.

Low operating costs

80% cheaper than the cost of the U.S.

Geographical Location

Logistics and Transportation networks

Advantages of NAFTA

North American Free Trade Agreement
Also most Free Trade Agreements (42) and growing

Quality of work

Mexico's population has a median age of 26, currently 115,000 engineers graduate every year

Labor Availability and Cost

Stable and skilled workforce.
Large base of Engineers – more engineers graduating per year than in the United States

Top level of local and multinational suppliers

Suppliers have high Quality System understanding of Automotive Standards – ISO, TS16949 / APQP

Customer Location

Companies have the opportunity to do business with a growing base of OEM's and Tier 1 companies that want a local supply of goods in order to reduce lead-times and logistic costs.

Ease of Entry

The advantages of manufacturing in Mexico may seem too good to be true, but each of this facts are rooted in reality, expanding to the country is not that difficult because ease of entry is one of the main benefits for doing business there. Due to the similar culture and language, strategic location between the U.S. and Latin America, favorable business climate and access to soft landing services, launching an operation in the country is simple.