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What is soft landing?

Soft landing is the set of customized consulting and advisory solutions designed to help global companies to establish or scale up operations in Mexico.

EZ Landing becomes the principal partner for global companies that desire a smooth and agile transition into the new market environment. We guide companies through the most critical strategic decisions such as Site Selection, Facilities Construction, Government Regulations, Logistics, and Human Resources.


We have more than 20 years of successful experience in helping global companies. With our help, it is possible to achieve:

Faster start-up times: Typically reduced by 50% to 75%.

Savings Increase: Save up to 40% in critical initial stages

Risk Mitigation: We help our clients avoid risks through an environment where we are experts.

Why Mexico

millon vehicles

8th place > Mexico’s global ranking as vehicles manufacture

millon vehicles

4th place > Exporter of light vehicle

millon vehicles

8th place > Global producer of light vehicles


4th place > Exporter of heavy vehicles


7th place > Mexico’s global ranking as heavy vehicle producer

A Comprehensive

At EZ Landing, we are 100% focused on giving global decision-makers peace of mind. We achieve this by putting together a careful and systematic process that comprehends all the strategic phases of starting or scaling up operations in a new county.

With the understanding that all of our clients are unique and deserve a tailor-made approach, a typical process with us looks like this:

Based on a rigorous analysis, we identify our client’s real estate needs and the soft-landing services that are adequate for the operation start-up.

We help our clients build a proper Mexican company, taking care of all of the legal requirements.

We present a collection of viable real estate options, so that our clients might choose the most suitable one, and we design a soft-landing strategy for the operation start-up, that might include: construction, production equipment acquisition, initial staff hiring, tax analysis and international commerce procedures.


From the first contact, you’ll be in direct communication with one of our team members that works closely with our managing partners, so your company can be guided through our method for establishing operations in Mexico.

Martha Pría

Besides the strength that our leadership provides, in EZ, we believe in a set of values that seek to maintain positive relationships with our clients, add value and peace of mind to both their business and their lives.